Riverside Hybrids

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Issue 1 Lo-res PDF (4MB)

Issue 1 Hi-res PDF (41MB)

Articles include propagating Passiflora parritae, Passiflora 'Soi Fah', PSI 2010 meeting by Eric Wortman, Passion flower hybridisation by JJ Segalen and more...

Issue 2 Lo-res PDF (7MB)

Issue 2 Hi-res PDF (34MB)

Articles include an early history of Passiflora, Passiflora of Reunion Island, P. 'Poseidon', recipes, history of Passiflora growing in Czech and more...

Issue 3 Lo-res PDF (2MB)

Issue 3 Hi-res PDF (50MB)

Articles include P. cristalina, P. amabilis, P. lutea 'Sapelo', Growing Passiflora inside and out, a passion fruit recipe and more...

Issue 4 Lo-res PDF (3MB)

Issue 4 Hi-res PDF (54MB)

Articles include Discovering French Guiana, The Athens of Germany, Passiflora Obsession Disorder, Got Lilikoi in Hawaii and more...

Issue 5 Lo-res PDF (4.5MB)

Issue 5 Hi-res PDF (65MB)

Articles include Passiflora punctata. The ghost of Constance Eliott, A Tacsonia Gallery, A trip to Colombia, Passion flowers from Argentina and more...

Issue 6 Lo-res PDF (4.7MB)

Issue 6 Hi-res PDF (71MB)

Articles include Passiflora crosspollination. Bogot√° Botanical Gardens. Peru native species loss. Tacsonia propagation. Passiflora 'Scorpius' and more...

Issue 7 Lo-res PDF (7MB)

Issue 7 Hi-res PDF (78MB)

Articles include Laurifoliae of
the Amazon. 3D stained glass skylight. Passiflora incarnata. Botanical drawings.Hybridisation. PSI 2015 meeting and more.

Issue 8 due out June 2016


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