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Facebook Group posting tips:-

1. Please post with respect for other members at all times. Failure to do so or the use of swearwords will result in your posts being deleted and/or your immediate removal from the group without notice. Please note also that using fake names is discouraged and again may lead to removal from the Group without notice. 

2. Facebook Group posts in any language are welcome. Feel free to upload links, images & videos relevant to Passiflora, ask questions and trade seed and plants. Off topic posts will be deleted. Note: Please only upload your own images. Rather than upload other people’s images please link to them – or if you do upload someone else’s please credit them or they may be deleted. 

3. Plant ID. We are more than happy to help but if you are still waiting for flowers, foliage only ID is hard or impossible. Even if you have flowers, pictures of the foliage as well are really helpful. 

3. With over 4500 members we ask that you use the Like button rather than just add one word comments of appreciation for the beautiful flower images.

5. There is a search button to look through previous posts.

6. Some Passiflora species and hybrid names are difficult to spell. Though you can’t do it on Facebook, Passiflora species are always written in italics, Passiflora with a capital P and the species name no capital. e.g. ‘Passiflora caerulea‘. Hybrids are always written Passiflora in italics with a capital P, then inverted commas round the name, which has capital letters for the first letter of the name or names and no italics, so we can tell it is not a species. e.g. Passiflora ‘Snow Queen’.