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Passiflora ‘Damsel’s Delight’ 

Passiflora Passion flower | Cultivar / hybrid lists

There are over 700 Passiflora hybrids or passion flower hybrids and cultivars listed* and many more to date unlisted. Only a small percentage of the known hybrids are commercially available however, and many listed have been lost to cultivation. Some of the best known and most spectacular can be seen on this site in the hybrid section. Learn how to create your own hybrids here. If you have any success email Robert Rice the Passiflora Cultivar Registrarfor registration of new cultivars or hybrids.

Following the nomination of the Passiflora Society International (PSI) as the International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) for the genus Passiflora, formal registration of cultivars* by the Registrar started in 2003. The Passiflora Cultivar Registrars to date are:-

John Vanderplank


Dr John Vanderplank on the left. 2003

Les King


Dr Les King. 2003 to 2011

Shawn Mattison


Dr Shawn Mattison 2014-2015

Robert Rice


Robert Rice 2016-onwards

The downloads below, which can also be found on the Passiflora cultivars site and the PSI site, provide a summary of the activities for the period 2003-2015; they include a number of checklists that had been produced prior to ICRA nomination, a full list of cultivars registered from 2004 – 2011 and a supplementary list of names that updates the 2003 register. Also the 1998 Wild Ridge Catalogue is included as a matter of historical interest as it lists some early hybrids by noted hybridizers Rick McCain and Patrick Worley showing correct accreditation. Wild Ridge as a seller of Passiflora closed many years ago but now Wild Ridge Organics owned by Rick and Michelle McCain trades from the same location. Unfortunately no lists have been published since 2015.

*A cultivar will usually be a hybrid or, less commonly, a selected form of a species. Learn more

S. Mattison 2015 Passiflora cultivars 2014-15 PDF (273MB)
Supplementary Passiflora cultivar list. PDF  (45MB)
L.A. King 2011
Passiflora cultivars 2011 PDF (856KB)
Supplementary Passiflora cultivar list. Text PDF (251KB)
L.A. King 2004-2010
Passiflora cultivars 2004-2010 PDF (15.6MB) or PDF (112KB)
R. Fischer 2004
Passiflora Hybrids and Cultivars. Pub. in Passiflora. Passionflowers of the World. By Torsten Ulmer and John M. MacDougal 2004. Text only. PDF  (257KB)
R.J.R.Vanderplank et al 2003
PSI, The International Passiflora Hybrid and Cultivar Register. Text only. PDF (273KB)
L.A. King 2003
Passiflora specimens in the RHS Herbarium, Wisley. Text only. PDF  (27KB)
A. Frank, E. Kugler and L.A. King 2001
Hybrids and Cultivars of Passion Flowers. Text only. PDF (538KB)
C. Feuillet et al. 2000
PSI Hybrid list. Passiflora Vol. 10, No. 3/4. 2000. Illustrated. PDF  (500KB TXT
McCain & Worley 1998
Wild Ridge 1998 Passiflora Catalogue PDF (1.07MB)

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