Myles S Irvine

Myles S Irvine

Riverside Passiflora hybrid breeder

Myles Irvine has been growing Passiflora for over 30 years and has released a number of hybrids over that time. With Passiflora particularly, creating new hybrids is a war of attrition, but the satisfaction of the successes is always worth the wait. The best of these have been selected for worldwide distribution as the Riverside® hybrids.

Myles created the site Passiflora Online back in the year 2000, started the Passiflora Online Facebook Group in 2007 and is editor of the free to download Passiflora Online Journal.

Passion flowers Passiflora Online – Timeline


Passiflora Online website. An authoritative Passion flower resource with practical plant care tips plus botanical information and more. This is in no small part down to the kindness and help of Passiflora academics, photographers and enthusiasts worldwide.


Passiflora Online Facebook Group Founded by Myles Irvine. Affiliated to this site it now has over 4300 members worldwide. It has become the biggest most active group of Passiflora enthusiasts in the world! Join it today!


Passiflora Online Journal Concept by Myles Irvine. Many thanks to all who have helped with taking the project to fruition plus design and editing over the years & of course to our contributors. Free digital downloads, 10 Issues to date. Publisher, editor & layout.


Created by Myles Irvine in 2000, the Passiflora Passion flowers Online site had grown to over 1200 pages by mid 2017. It is now being rebuilt from scratch to make it properly viewable on tablets, iPads, mobiles etc. This will be ongoing for many months with old content revised and new content added.