Passiflora 'Snow Queen'

A fabulous new hardy RIVERSIDE® Hybrid

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Practical Passion flower tips

How to care for these fascinating and beautiful climbers

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Passiflora Online Journal

Free download! Informative articles and stunning images

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Passion flowers Passiflora Online

Passiflora Online has many plant care tips and fascinating information about these beautiful Passion flowers which are climbers, vines and trees. It is also Home of the Passiflora Online Journal.  Check out the Riverside® hybrids bred by Myles Irvine.

Find out more about us and check out the FAQ. This authoritative site has information about many aspects of these fascinating and beautiful climbers, vines and trees. Passiflora, also known as Passion flowers, including:-

Please note:-

Created by Myles Irvine in 2000, the Passiflora Passion flowers Online site had grown to over 1200 pages by mid 2017. It is now being rebuilt from scratch to make it properly viewable on tablets, iPads, mobiles etc. This will be ongoing for many months with old content revised, new content added, links missing etc. 

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