Passiflora ‘Coral Glow’

([P. mollissima x P. manicata ] x P. jamesonii ??)
Patrick Jesse John Worley USA 1983
Min -3°C 27°F

Passiflora ‘Coral Glow’. Patrick Worley’s cultivar. An immense vine. The first picture in the gallery above shows it, growing with other vines, with a width of over 48 feet. At its best in Autumn. Hardy to -4.5°C in a sheltered dry location protected with double layers of fleece. Unlike many Tacsonia thrives in full sun on a South facing brick wall.

Kartuz Greenhouses Cat. 1983. Vine: vigorous; cultivation easy; Leaves: shallowly three lobed; Flowers: large, beautiful coral pink, very free flowering. Grows well in warm areas, now common in cultivation in southern California. The probability that the true P. jamesonii species was used as a parent when breeding this cultivar is in doubt. (From the 2003 Passiflora International Register by John Vanderplank et al.) This is an immense vine.