Passiflora suberosa

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Passiflora suberosa. This innocent looking little plant, also known as the corky barked passion flower, is an attractive free flowering vine that will grow to about 6 metres. It can be a dangerously invasive weed.  Read more

P. suberosa & wasp

Passiflora suberosa has tiny flowers which self pollinate readily just with the wind, although they are also very attractive to butterflies & wasps as above. The small purple fruit taste awful but are not known to be toxic. I wouldn’t risk eating them. They are full of anthocyanins and will stain your hands purple. I seem to remember an old reference to them being used to make an ink but am not certain. They are thought to be dispersed by both birds & bats. Passiflora pallida is a similar invasive species. Read more