Passiflora bicuspidata © Jorge J Restrepo A.

Passiflora bicuspidata Paramo de Santurban 15 Approx: 3.300 m © Jorge J Restrepo A

Passiflora bicuspidata © Strange Wonderful Things

Passiflora bicuspidata Image © Strange Wondereful Things used with permission

Passiflora bicuspidata

Bogota, Eastern Cordillera, Colombia 1871
Min 4°C 40°F

Passiflora bicuspidata foliage

Passiflora bicuspidata is a rare cool mountain species found between 2300-3200 metres in Choachí, Sibaté, Zipaquirá, Iguaque & Virolín on the Region Cundiboyacense plateau in Colombia. It does not like the heat or too much sun but enjoys high humidity. This young plant, a cutting from one grown from seed & kindly supplied by Henk Wouters, is tiny with about 50 leaves to date but with the biggest being only up to 3/4” or 2cm long. It produces tiny flowers about1 1/2″ long. Fruit small, dark and inedible. All the leaves are a little pale.