Passiflora sagasteguii

Cajamarca Peru 2001
Min 0°C 32°F

Passiflora sagasteguii. Named by Skrabal & Weigend in 2001 after Peruvian botanist Dr. Abundio Sagástegui-Alva who first collected it in 1978. Often misspelt ‘saguastegui’. It is in Decaloba, Section Lobbii, & John MacDougal comments that some of the specimens in the group of P. lobbii, P. exoperculata and P. obtusiloba described by Killip, were in fact P. sagasteguii.

Found at high altitude, 2700-2800m, in Cajamarca Peru, the type specimen was collected by Weigend et al, 5th Feb – 2nd April 1997, in the Province of Contumaza on the road from Cascas to Contumaza. Small upright buds & a curious growth habit with stems tending to grow either towards or away from the sun, so the plant appears ‘narrow’ from the front. Grown outside in UK the foliage becomes inverted in the heigth of summer (too much heat?). A beautiful little plant, very free flowering & quite happy at sea level. Possibly hummingbird or wasp pollinated. Dr Maximilian Weigend has advised me that this ‘little’ plant grows 8 metres high & up to 23 metres long in the wild! Its stems are used as binding ropes.