Image © 2006 Ron Boender

Passiflora glandulosa

Cayenne French Guiana 1790
Min 6°C 43°F

Ron Boender has a fine 15 year old Passiflora glandulosa in Butterfly World Florida. It is very rare in cultivation. The flowers are normally red but Cor Laurens has seen a pink P. glandulosa near the coast at Alter do Chão in the Rio Tapajós in Pará, Brazil. P. glandulosa has a very variable flower habit.

Christian Feuillet comments on the Passiflora-L-group:-

It has flowers in 3 kind of settings:-

1) Along leafy stems.

2) At the end of leafy stems (no more branches to grab on) the hanging terminal part has progressively reduced internodes, leaves reduced to short-petiolate 3-5 mm long blades, smallish tendrils and regular flowers.

3) From old woody stems, raceme-like stems (like 2, but with long internodes and without basal leafy segment) could be several feet long and occasionally grow into a leafy stem at apex if light conditions improve.

Pictured above a very young seedling grown from seed collected by Dr Les King in March 2007 in Bosque Santa Lucia. This is a forest reserve 18k from where the Tapajós joins the Amazon river in the city of Santarém in Pará, Brazil. See local guide Steven Alexander’s site for more pictures and information. These seedlings have proved a bit tricky but seem to respond best to high humidity and plenty of heat with shade rather than full sun.