Passiflora Violetta

Passiflora ‘Violetta’

Leopold Ševčík

Leopold Sevcik

Leopold was a  great Czech Passiflora breeder active in the 1990’s. He lived on farm and little is known about him. Much of this page content is taken from Gusta Rocheltová’s site, which has not been updated since 2002, so that that if her site vanishes the information will not be lost.

Dr Roland Fischer comments:-

Leopold Ševčík has done some stunning crosses with P. oerstedii aff. porphyretica, (now thought to be an incorrect name) but the plant was the source of the terrible virus infection in his collection. Many crosses from him are infected with the most terrible Passiflora virus that I have ever seen, e.g. P. ‘Sharka’. I do not collect this ill plant any more and I keep aff. porphyretica in isolation and take care!

1993 16/93/2 Passiflora ´Aida´ P.xdecaisneana  x  P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1996 28/96/1 Passiflora ´Albína´ (P.racemosa x P.incarnata) x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1996 68/96/1 Passiflora ´Andrea´ (P.xdecaisneana  x  P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«)  x P.caerulea ´Constance Eliott´
1996 45/96/? Passiflora ´Angela´ (P.xviolacea´Ametyst Beauty´ x P.caerulea ´Constance Eliott´) x  P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1993 34/93/1 Passiflora ´Anna´ P.alata x P.naviculata
1993 Passiflora ´Barbora´= (Barbara) Passiflora ´Lavender Lady´ x  P.sp.
1992 03 Passiflora ´Bessy´ Passiflora ´Lavender Lady´ x P.caerulea
1993 22/93/1 Passiflora ´Blanka´ (=Blanca) (Passiflora ´Lavender Lady´ x P.caerulea) x P.caerulea forma alba ´Constance Eliott´
1996 17/96/1 Passiflora ´Cecilie´ (P.caerulea x  P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«) x P.oerstedii
1993 31/93/1 Passiflora ´Colet´ (=Colette) P.racemosa  x P.naviculata
1996 80/96/1 Passiflora ´Daniela´ (P.racemosa x P.naviculata) x P.caerulea
1996 56/96/1 Passiflora ´Darina´ P.incarnata x P.sp.
1993 13/93/2 Passiflora ´Debby´ P.caerulea x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1996 46/96/1 Passiflora ´Denisa´ P.racemosa x P.incarnata) x P.sp.
1993 36/93/2 Passiflora ´Doubravka´ P.racemosa x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1993 30/93/1 Passiflora ´Drahomíra´ (=Charlotte, Karoline) P.cincinnata x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1996 10/96/1 Passiflora ´Edita´ P.´Sunburst´ x P.biflora
1996 31/96/1 Passiflora ´Evelína´ (P.incarnata x P.incarnata) x P.´Byron Beauty´
1993 29/93/1 Passiflora ´Eyleen´ P.naviculata x P.racemosa
1996 50/96/? Passiflora ´Franka´ P.´Creamy´ x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1996 21/96/1 Passiflora ´Galina´ P.´Incense´ x P.sp.
1996 62/96/? Passiflora ´Hana´ P.´Shirley´ x P.caerulea ´Constance Eliott´
1993 14/93/1 Passiflora ´Helena´ P.naviculata x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1996 33/96/1 Passiflora ´Ida´ (P.racemosa x P.incarnata) x P.oerstedii
1996 29/96/1 Passiflora ´Irma´ (P.´Lavender Lady´ x P.hybr.)   x (P.racemosa x P.incarnata)
1995 10/95/1 Passiflora ´Jana´ (=Johanna) P.incarnata x P.caerulea
1993 23/93/2 Passiflora ´Jeeny´ P.cincinnata  x P.caerulea
1996 78/96/1 Passiflora ´Jolana´ (P.incarnata x P.racemosa) = P.´Vlasta´ x P.caerulea ´Grandiflora´
1996 43/96/1 Passiflora ´Justína´ (=Justyna) (Passiflora ´Lavender Lady´ x P.caerulea) = P.´Bessy´ x P.caerulea ´Grandiflora´
1996 79/96/1 Passiflora ´Karla´ P.cincinnata x P.sp.
1993 16/93/5 Passiflora ´Kateřina´ (=Katharina´) P.xdecaisneana  x  P.oerstediii – »porphyretica«
1993 17/93/5 Passiflora ´Kazi´ (=Kasimir) P.incarnata x P.racemosa
1996 41/96/1 Passiflora ´Klara´ (P.racemosa  x P.naviculata) x P.caerulea ´Grandiflora´
1993 10/93/2 Passiflora ´Kunhuta´ (=Kunigunde) P.xdecaisneana x P.caerulea
1993 23/93/1 Passiflora ´Lada´ P.cincinnata  x P.caerulea
1991 Passiflora ;Laura’ P. xdecaisneana x P.caerulea forma alba ´Constance Eliott´
1993 Passiflora ´Libuše´ (=Blanda, Libooshe) ´P.incarnata x P.racemosa
1993 24/93/2 Passiflora ´Linda´ P.cincinnata x P.caerulea forma alba ´Constance Eliott´
1993 20/93/2 Passiflora ´Livie´ P.cinnabarina x P.herbertiana
1993 17/93/3 Passiflora ´Liza´ (=Lisa, Eliška) P.incarnata x P.racemosa
1996 49/96/? Passiflora ´Lucia´ (P.´Amethyst Beauty´ x P.eichleriana) = ´Shirley´ x P.sp.
1993 17/93/4 Passiflora ´Ludmila´ P.incarnata x P.racemosa
1996 22/96/1 Passiflora ´Marcela´ (P.incarnata x P.racemosa) =´Liza´ x P.incarnata
1996 85/96/1 Passiflora ´Michaela´ P.coccinea x P.sp
1996 13/96/1 Passiflora ´Nina´ P.biflora x P.cuneata
1996 52/96/1 Passiflora ´Olivie´ [(P.´Lavender Lady´ x P.caerulea) x P.caerulea forma alba´Constance Eliott´] x P.caerulea
1996 44/96/1 Passiflora ´Patricie´ (P.racemosa  x P.naviculata) = P.´Colet´ x P.cearulea
1996 20/96/1 Passiflora ´Pavlína´ P.xkewensis x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1996 36/96/1 Passiflora ´Petra´ P.incarnata x (P.xviolacea ´Amethyst Beauty´ x P.caerulea)
1996 65/96/1 Passiflora ´Radka´ P.maliformis x P.sp.
1996 45/96/1 Passiflora ´Regina´ [(P.xviolacea ´Amethyst Beauty´ x 1996forma alba´Constance Eliott´) x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
Passiflora ´Sancap´ P.sanguinolenta x P.capsularis
1996 39/96/1 Passiflora ´Sandra´ P.incarnata x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
1993 16/93/3 Passiflora ´Šárka´ (=Sharka, Scharka, Hermine) P.xdecaisneana  x  P.oerstediii – »porphyretica«
1993 12/93/2 Passiflora ´Senta´ P.´Amethyst Beauty´ x P.eichleriana
1993 12/93/1 Passiflora ´Shirley´ P.´Amethyst Beauty´ x P.eichleriana
1996 38/96/1 Passiflora ´Tereza´ ?
1993 17/93/7 Passiflora ´Teta´ P.incarnata x P.racemosa
1996 Passiflora ´Věra´ (P.caerulea x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«) x P.caerulea
1996 34/96/1 Passiflora ´Vilma´ (P.racemosa x P.naviculata) x P.incarnata
1993 13/93/4 Passiflora ´Viola´ (=Violetta) P.caerulea x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«
Passiflora xviolacea ´Nora´ selection of P.x violacea
Passiflora xviolacea ´Videň´ selection of P.xviolacea
1996 81/96/1 Passiflora ´Vladěna´ P.cincinnata x P.caerulea
1993 17/93/1 Passiflora ´Vlasta´  (=Philopatra) P.incarnata x P.racemosa
1996 76/96/1 Passiflora ´Zita´ (P.racemosa  x P.naviculata) =´Colet´ x P.sp.
1996 32/96/1 Passiflora ´Zlata´ (P.sanguinolenta x P.capsularis ) = ´Sancap´ x P.citrina
1993 15/93/1 Passiflora ´Žofie´ (=Sophie, Shofee) (P.´Lavender Lady´ x P.caerulea) x P.oerstedii – »porphyretica«