Passiflora ‘Flying V’

Mark Cooper USA & Myles Irvine UK
Min 4°C 40°F

Passiflora ‘Flying V’ was registered in the International Passiflora Hybrid Register. Very rare vigorous hybrid between two Passiflora species native to Jamaica. Very free flowering. Grown from seed of Passiflora penduliflora x Passiflora perfoliata kindly sent to me by Mark Cooper. Ideal for container growing in a pot or hanging basket. I have named this cross Passiflora ‘Flying V’ after both the adult foliage leaf shape (which, having said that, can be very variable) & my favourite guitar. The plant roots easily, is vigorous, growing to 18′, free flowering for 10 months of the year or more, disease free & not at all tempermental. It is not hardy but will briefly take temperatures near to zero, possibly losing leaves but will then quickly regrow them. It will also flower in very high temperatures up to 35 °C, 90°F. It has curiously long tendrils – up to 28cm!

Both parents of this hybrid are very rare. P. penduliflora is in Astephea according to Killip & P. perfoliata is in Pseudomurucuja. P. perfoliata has more upright red flowers & is hummingbird pollinated. Elma Kay, who is researching Jamaican Passiflora, has seen it visited by a ‘Doctor Bird’, the Redbilled or Western Streamertail, Trochilus polytmus. She suggests that pollination of the Greater Antillean passion flower, P. penduliflora, which in contrast to P. perfoliata has pendulous green flowers, is by the Greater Antillean Long Tongued Bat, Monophyllus redmani. She also notes that:-

‘Technically, penduliflora is still in Astephea because since Killip no-one has published otherwise. However, John MacDougal allies it to Pseudomurucuja in his revision of Passiflora and is placing it, along with Murucuja, Pseudomurucuja and a whole bunch of other species in subgenus Decaloba, section Decaloba in a manuscript that he has been working on with Chris Feuillet.’