Passiflora ‘Crimson Tears’


((P. ‘Amethyst’ x P. racemosa) x P. gritensis) x P. amethystina L.P.
Roland Fischer Germany 2002
Min 4°C 40°F or lower

Passiflora ‘Crimson Tears’. A stunning hybrid. Dr. Roland Fischer comments,

‘The leaves are leathery and similar to leaves of P. ‘Pura Vida’, the corona has a size of 8cm (=3.13″) and has a crimson heart and the flowers have a size of 11 cm (=4.33″). Buds have a crimson-brown color. This hybrid is very healthy and free flowering. It started to open flowers late July. ‘CT’ is located in a hot place and the full sun here, if you can call a German summer “full sun”. Some buds dropped above 86° F.’

The hybrid is named both for the appearance of the flower & Dr Fisher’s thoughts re September 11th. This really is a very special hybrid but can be tempermental. From my experience in UK, in a pot in full sun over a very hot summer CT did not do at all well. It refused to grow and dropped buds until the weather cooled in Autumn. Probably best kept shaded. So for me the first flower opened on 11th October. Like all red/crimson flowers difficult to do justice to in a picture.