Passiflora ‘Sonia’

P. ‘Clear Sky’ x P. ‘Constance Eliott’
Fischer & Diez Spain 2003
Min -2°C 28°F

A polyploid cross between P. ‘Clear Sky’ × P. ‘Constance Eliott’ by Roland Fischer (Germany) and Francisco J. Diez (Spain). Passiflora ‘Sonia’ is named after the wife of Francisco Diez. Based on the parentage and absence of pollen, it is believed to be a triploid. As you would expect the flower is very similar to P. ‘Clear Sky, but the fact that triploid cross can be done at all is of considerable interest.

From Dr Les King, ‘Description Vigorous and free-flowering with growth habit similar to P. caerulea; flower 9-10cm in diameter, slightly wider than that of female parent with larger ovary and stigmas; petals and sepals white with faint mauvish tint; corona filaments 3cm in length, banded red/purple at centre, white and blue at apex; leaves fivelobed; four petiole glands; large stipules. Survived temperature of -6C. First flowered in 2003.