Passiflora boenderi

Costa Rica 2003

Without doubt my favourite foliage of any Passiflora. Variable leaves, usually two lobed, occasionally three lobed, A variegated line down each lobe varying from cream to pink/crimson, almost randomly placed yellow/golden egg mimicking dots and beautiful deep crimson leaf undersides. Small flowers.

‘Passiflora boenderi, a new species of Passifloraceae endemic to Costa Rica, is described and illustrated. It is assigned to section Decaloba DC. in the species group that includes P. gilbertiana J. M. MacDougal and P. ornithoura Masters. This rare small-flowered species is notable for its intensely colorful and variegated leaves, with rows of conspicuous golden egg mimics.’ M. MacDougal, John. (2003). Passiflora boenderi (Passifloraceae), a New Egg-Mimic Passionflower from Costa Rica. Novon. 13. 454. 10.2307/3393379.